Important Customer Information

As an online cosmetic retailer, we often obtain our products in bulk form.  This means that many items are unboxed/unpackaged.  This is due to warehouse overstocks and closeouts.  When a company has overproduced and needs to liquidate the overstock, they do not put extra care or expense into the packaging process.  The items are new, but may have minor scratches due to being shipped bulk to us.  Please pay careful attention to the details in the product listing page as to whether the item will be boxed or unboxed, if this is important to you.  Sometimes items are boxed, but the boxes are not perfect.  This information will also be in the item details.

In addition, some of the items might be marked Not for Individual Sale.  This is generally because they were originally produced to be sold in a kit or given as a promotion item with retail purchase.  The factories liquidate the overstock of these items to the wholesale market.  They are not given to us free, we have to pay for them, and these are a great way to try out a product without the cost of a full size item.  They also make excellent travel items.

Some items may be marked as Tester.  This does not mean they were tested or used.  Testers are cosmetics that were originally slated to be sent to Retail Counters to be used as testers, but never were so the Testers are then sold out to the wholesale environment.  Testers are usually full size products, just sold with a Tester label and usually come without a box.